Lupo Puzzle

Lupo Puzzle 1.1

If you want to test your brain then this unique game is right for you.

If you want to test your brain then this unique game is right for you.

The game is played on a board with a different number of playing fields.

You play the game with playing figures, which are square tiles on one side marked with [O] and on the other side with [X].

At the beginning of the game, each playing field is covered by a playing figure turned on side [O] or side [X].

By pressing chosen playing figure, that turns on the other side, at the same time playing figures surrounding the one you pressed also turn on the other side.

The aim of the game is to change all the playing figures on the board to the side marked with [O].

To make the game more difficult, each level is time limited. A number of tries is limited as well.


• Free

• Simple rules

• 100 levels

• 4 game board sizes (from 3x3 to 6x6)

• Autosave game progress

• Training mode

• Fit all screen sizes (Phone and Tablet)

Before starting to play the game you can try yourself in an endless number of training puzzles, which are not limited by time or number of try outs.

When you finish all 100 levels, you have an opportunity to play any of those levels again.

By finishing all the levels, you will get another confirmation that you are a highly intelligent person, capable of fast comprehension and systematical and logical thinking.

Lupo Puzzle


Lupo Puzzle 1.1